Saturday, January 12, 2008

The diminishing value of racial profiling

The Scotsman newspaper reports that al-Qaeda is recruiting non-Asians to convert to Islam and carry out jihad in Britain: Al-Qaeda's white army of terror.

As many as 1,500 white Britons are believed to have converted to Islam for the purpose of funding, planning and carrying out surprise terror attacks inside the UK, according to one MI5 source.

Lord Carlile, the Government's independent reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, said many of the converts had been targeted by radical Muslims while serving prison terms.

Security experts say the growing secret army of white terrorists poses a particularly serious threat as they are far less likely to be detected than members of the Asian community.

It appears that British law enforcement understands how the jihadist threat is evolving and is trying to adapt to match. It remains to be seen whether the public understands the issue, and whether the political class has the guts to back up law enforcement. A silver lining in this story is that it aligns with the political correctness of the political class: now law enforcement is saying that the color of a man's skin isn't the best predictor of his propensity to jihadist murder.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Life imitates movies

First, we have "Weekend at Bernie's": Men Wheel Dead Roommate to Check Cashing Store, Arrested for Trying to Cash His Social Security Check

Second, "Idle Hands": Man Sees 'Mark of the Beast'; Cuts Off, Microwaves Hand

Lastly, "The Godfather": Man Gets Probation for Mailing Cow's Head to Wife's Lover

BONUS -- I can't remember the movie (if there was one), but there should be one: Polish Man Finds Wife Working in Brothel (come to think of it, it's a bit reminiscent of the Rupert Holmes song "Escape (The Pina Colada Song).")

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Be prepared

Why can't we see more of this in the Muslim world (the Boy Scout, I mean, not the Islamofascist would-be assassin)? Boy scout saves leader of the Maldives.

The scout was identified as Mohamed Jaisham Ibrahim, who had lined up to welcome Gayoom, according to the president's Web site.

The boy was injured in the hand by the knife. "His wound was stitched but later he complained that he could not move some of his fingers, so he was flown by a sea plane to Male," Shareef said...

The attacker had wrapped the knife in a Maldives national flag as he stood among a crowd waiting for Gayoom, 70.

A police Web site identified the attacker as Mohamed Murshid, 20. No motive was given, and other details were not disclosed.

More evidence of UN uselessness

Proffered without comment:

UN peacekeepers ambushed in Darfur barely a week after launching mission

Bomb wounds 2 UN peacekeepers on patrol south of Beirut

Status quo won't change after Katyusha': 2 rockets hit North; Barak to "assess situation before responding;" UNIFIL to 'Post': No suspect ruled out.