Friday, May 30, 2008

Sequel to Segway is a bigger deal to a smaller audience

The inventor of the Segway may not yet have changed how everybody gets around, but his team has invented something that is making a dramatic improvement in the lives of some special people: Dean Kamen, Creator of Segway, Unveils New Invention.

Famed inventor Dean Kamen is back in front among the tech elite this week with a new invention. The last time we heard from Kamen, he was unveiling the Segway, a product he hoped would revolutionize human transportation, and solve problems like pollution and urban congestion. But unlike the Segway, Kamen hopes his new product never reaches a mass market.

It’s a prosthetic arm that weighs as much as a human arm. It boasts the same range of motion, and the same tactile sensitivity. When the government called on him two years ago to build it, even Kamen wasn't sure his team could build it. In this video he tells us about the experience, what it meant for his career, and what he learned from the Segway experience.

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