Friday, January 28, 2011

President Prissy

We have finally learned who Barack Obama is.

During the campaign of 2007-2008, he assured us that he was the competent chief executive with a solid plan to rein in government spending even as he revived economic growth, grew employment and initiated a raft of new policies to stop the rise of the oceans and make cars run on sunshine. His ascension to the Presidency, he claimed, would in and of itself raise America's standing in world opinion so much that our enemies would become our friends and our allies would rush to put their blood and treasure into every one of our foreign policy endeavors.

And when the financial crisis of 2008 broke, and the American people asked, "Can you fix this," Barack Obama stepped up and said, "I know everything about fixing the economy."

Now, after two full years of his Presidency, the American people cry, "Our burden of debt has become far heavier, our economic prospects are as dim as ever, more people are out of work than when you took office, our enemies are still determined to kill us -- can you fix this?"

And in his second State of the Union address, he told us clearly: "I don't know nothin' about running no country!"

President Prissy.

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