Wednesday, July 6, 2011

US Intelligence Agencies warn of implanted bombs inside terrorists

I guess they finally got around to watching The Dark Knight:

WASHINGTON – The U.S. government has warned domestic and international airlines that some terrorists are considering surgically implanting explosives into humans to carry out attacks, The Associated Press has learned.

There is no intelligence pointing to a specific plot, but the U.S. shared its concerns last week with executives at domestic and international carriers.

People traveling to the U.S. from overseas may experience additional screening at airports because of the threat, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

My prediction: a pregnant woman delivers by C-section and has the empty space in her abdomen replaced with a chemical pack. After some weeks of healing, she's given the catalyst in liquid form disguised as injectable insulin and sent onto a plane.

Midflight, she goes into the lavatory to "take her insulin," injects it into her belly into the chemical pack, and....

(H/T Hot Air.)

UPDATE: Thanks, Ace, for linking this in the Headlines at Ace Of Spades HQ. And welcome, M&Ms!


Anonymous said...

The idea featured prominently in the recent "Batman" movie, where the Heath Ledger "Joker" implanted bombs into a man held in the jail.

Anyway, its not a new idea, though practical execution would be difficult.

Not only would you need a skilled surgeon to implant the bomb, but you'd also have to rig a RELIABLE detonator that could pass through the security metal detectors, including hand-held scanners.

stuiec said...

Yes, that Batman movie would be The Dark Knight referenced in my post. And yes, metal detectors are an obstacle... so I expect they would use the type of device the underwear bomber tried to use: a binary chemical system, with the main charge implanted and the detonation catalyst in an injectable form, disguised as insulin (and therefore allowed onto commercial flights as personal medication). No implanted cell phone or wiring required.

(By the way, sadly, Al-Qaeda and the other Islamofascist organizations are chock full of doctors -- even Al-Zawahiri himself is a surgeon.)