Sunday, August 12, 2007

Apparently 'chutzpah' is not an exclusively Jewish concept

Bad, bad Schalit family, making Islamic terrorists keep their son Gilad in captivity. Why don't they love their child?

The Popular Resistance Committees blames captive IDF Cpl. Gilad Schalit's family for keeping him in jail, PRC spokesman Abu Mujad said Sunday.

According to Abu Mujad, Schalit's parents have not put enough pressure on the diplomatic echelon in Jerusalem to secure their son's release, Army Radio reported.

Abu Mujad appealed to the Schalit family, saying, "You are neglecting your duty to your son, and your government has left him in the field - not freed him."

Nevertheless, Abu Mujad expressed optimism that Israel would "soften" its stance.

I guess this just proves how heartless Jews are -- they won't even lift a finger to save their own children (if by 'lifting a finger' one means 'making one's government release a thousand murdering terrorists').

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