Friday, August 3, 2007

UPDATE: Ron Dellums goes for the surge

Apparently Mayor Dellums isn't willing to declare defeat and redeploy out of Oakland. Instead, he has adopted a surge strategy.

(08-03) 09:00 PDT OAKLAND -- Police, SWAT teams and bomb units from throughout Alameda County detained more than a dozen suspects after raids at Your Black Muslim Bakery on San Pablo Avenue and three related locations this morning, police said.

The people are being held in connection with murder, kidnapping, assault and robbery investigations, Assistant Police Chief Howard Jordan said. San Pablo Avenue was cordoned off for several blocks near the bakery at 5832 San Pablo Ave.

Police said the North Oakland raids are part of an ongoing probe of businesses related to prominent Black Muslim leader Yusef Bey, who died in October 2003. They served search and arrest warrants on officials associated with the bakery, according to a news release from Oakland police.

It was not immediately clear whether the raids are directly connected to the Thursday slaying of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey, who was investigating the bakery and its related businesses.

KTVU Channel 2 reported that Yusef Bey IV was among those detained, and that police also found a stash of shotguns, other weapons and ammunition.

Hey, Harry Reid! Maybe you can learn something from this episode: a liberal (make that Progressive) politician can still understand the need for victory over terrorists.

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