Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"And what would YOU like?" "No #@$&# apple juice, THAT'S for sure!"

Hard to say whether this is a case of an unstable passenger or overly cautious (or officious) flight attendants.

A man allegedly upset over a long wait for apple juice caused a flight headed to North Carolina to be diverted to Philadelphia.

Officials say the man became irate and used profanity aboard a Delta flight from LaGuardia airport in New York to Greensboro, NC on Tuesday afternoon around 5pm.

The flight was diverted to Philadelphia, where it was determined that the man had become upset over a lengthy wait for some apple juice he had ordered.

Philadelphia police said they won't file any local charges. Later, the FBI said it wouldn't be filing any charges either.

After a thorough investigation, officials say, the incident was determined very minor in nature and no harm was intended.

Fifty-two passengers spent much of the night at the airport until they could be placed on other flights to North Carolina.

One last question: who do the other fifty-two passengers sue for their inconvenience and missed connections?

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