Friday, June 29, 2007

Bombers don't need Baghdad as a training ground

Right. The Muslim terrorists in Britain really needed to go to Baghdad to learn how to make the crudest of bombs.

This is what has been expected and feared for some months - that terror tactics honed on the streets of Baghdad would be visited on London and other Western targets.

The police and security services have been preparing for a vehicle-borne attack using either a car or, in the worst case scenario, a hijacked petrol or chemical tanker.

Earlier this year Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner warned that “vehicle borne weaponry is the greatest danger that we can face”.

Counter-terrorism Command confirmed recently that it has been conducting security spot checks on tanker vehicles entering London for more than a year.

British security agencies are well aware that many young British Muslims have travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan to join the mujahidin and some of those who survive will return here with terrorist expertise.

Anyone remember Alfred Herrhausen? In 1989, the head of Deutsche Bank was assassinated by the Red Army Faction using a roadside bomb with an explosively-formed projectile. So far as I am aware, the Iraq War started some 13-plus years after that event.

Not only that, but the tactics of suicide and roadside bombing were honed by Muslim terrorists on the streets of Jerusalem and other Israeli cities in the 1990s -- in the wake of the Oslo Peace Accords.

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