Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Even the Jews did not do such cruel things to us"

Israel is often accused of torturing its Palestinian prisoners. What the Palestinians do to each other makes Israeli jails look like kindergarten.

Hassan al-Bazam, 20, who works as a bodyguard for Haniyeh, was kidnapped Monday night by Fatah gunmen. He said the kidnappers tortured him and forced him to curse God and the prophet Muhammad.

"I was on my way to the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood [in Gaza City] when I was kidnapped by Fatah gunmen who were in two cars," Bazam said. "They took me to a building next to the beach, where they beat me severely with clubs and rifles.

"They extinguished cigarettes on my body and melted candles on my back. They also hung me from my hands and started shooting between my legs."

He said the kidnappers demanded a list of Hamas activists in his neighborhood and questioned him about the killing last month of a senior Fatah militiaman.

Bazam said he was released seven hours later, but only after he agreed to curse God and Muhammad. Bazam said the kidnappers also shaved his eyebrows, beard and part of his head, which was then marked with a Force 17 [Presidential Guard] sign.

"These people are real murderers," Bazam said. "Even the Jews did not do such cruel things to us."

And look at what the members of a PA security organization did to the brother of one of the new members of the PA's Presidential Guard, and a doctor, no less:

Fayez Barawi, a prominent physician from the northern Gaza Strip with close links to Hamas, was kidnapped, shot and moderately wounded on Thursday by members of one of the PA security organizations. He was abducted while attending a graduation ceremony of members of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Presidential Guard at a local security installation. His brother was one of the officers who graduated.

Barawi was taken to a nearby security base where PA officers shot him five times in different parts of the body.

Abdel Latif Kanu, a senior Hamas official in the northern Gaza Strip, strongly condemned the attack on Barawi, saying he had been shot in one of the bases belonging to Abbas's security forces.

Amnesty International, are you listening?

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