Saturday, June 30, 2007

This is what we must expect

Eyewitnesses to the Glasgow Airport attack tell of the driver of the Jeep hitting the barrier posts outside the terminal, reversing and ramming the posts again -- all while he was on fire -- the passenger getting out with a lit Molotov cocktail, attempting to firebomb the interior of the terminal -- and the driver, his flaming clothing having just been extinguished by airport staff, attempting to retrieve more firebombs from the trunk of the car and requiring at least four police officers to restrain him. The eyewitness to the latter (who helped knock the driver to the ground) describes him as muttering 'gibberish' -- forgive me for leaping to a conclusion here, but I would bet pounds to pence that the 'gibberish' was Arabic prayer. The sheer fanaticism that enabled a severely burned man to ignore his pain and injuries and to focus on his mission of murder is truly awesome (in the sense of terror-inspiring).

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