Friday, June 29, 2007

That dashed British foreign policy

It has become received wisdom that Arabs living in Britain believe that British foreign policy has made the UK a target for terrorism (the implication that British foreign policy is horribly unjust and murderous toward Arabs and Muslims). Here is a quote from an Arab resident of Britain who turns that argument on its ear.

London reacts to car bomb find
Police have disabled a car bomb containing gas cylinders in the heart of central London. The BBC News website asked people working and living in London about their safety concerns.

Rami Harb, 36, doctor, from Camden

Rami Harb
When you hear about something like this, you become more cautious about going out.

I escaped the car bombs in Lebanon to come to London but I still think this is a safe city.

We don't yet know who is behind this but the UK has become a target because of its efforts to promote democracy abroad.

It sounds to me like Dr. Harb believes that terrorists are evil people who resent the idea that Britain is trying to make life better for people around the world. (Of course, I could be wrong -- perhaps he feels democracy is a bad thing. But I doubt it.)

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