Thursday, July 5, 2007

Among my souvenirs

Here's a precious little tale of a sentimental soul who found it difficult to say goodbye....

Police detained a man in eastern Belgium after a dinner guest found the bodies of the host's wife and stepson in a freezer, authorities said Thursday.

The female guest opened the freezer while helping to clear up after a dinner with a group of friends Tuesday at the man's home in the city of Verviers, 78 miles east of Brussels, said Christine Wilwerth of the city prosecutor's office.

"It was a lady who at the end of the meal at a friend's house, and after washing the dishes ... decided to take the leftovers of the meal down to the basement to store in the deep freeze," Wilwerth said. "Once she opened the deep freeze, she discovered the bodies."

Although this story has certain charms -- the helpful dinner guest, the host's inability to let go of (or at least dispose of) his beloved wife and son -- I can't quite call it heart-warming. More like flesh-chilling....

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