Monday, July 30, 2007

What dictionary do they use in Washington, DC?

Because 'recuse' must mean something different there than it does everywhere else.

You all remember Rep. Allan Mollohan (D - WV), right? He’s the Democrat currently under investigation by the FBI who Nancy “Most Ethical Congress Ever” Pelosi and her pals put in charge of the Justice Department (and thus the FBI’s) budget? When the controversy over putting a man the FBI is investigating in charge of the FBI’s budget first hit, Mollohan promised to recuse himself from any FBI funding bills.

Well so much for that promise:

Despite having recused himself from matters relating to the FBI — which is reportedly investigating his finances — Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) on Wednesday voted against an amendment that would have increased the bureau’s budget by $6 million.

Honestly, it’s like they don’t even care any more. They promise one thing, do another. They openly flaunt our laws and line their pockets with our tax dollars using the power we gave them with our votes, and then they act like it isn’t happening. Like we’re all so stupid that we don’t know it’s going on.

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