Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another fashion faux pas

Actress Liz Hurley has a clothing line (who doesn't, these days?) and a son from a relationship with "Hollywood millionaire" Steve Bing. Looks like she may have used the former to get a measure of revenge on the latter.

The bizarre image, showing Damian hiding behind giant sunglasses, featured on Liz's official website.

Withdrawn ... Liz Hurley's son Damian pictured in a bikini

The source added: "Liz suggested Damian pose in the bikini. Other people were uncomfortable with it but she insisted."

The shocking snap comes after Liz's leopardskin range was slated by politicians as being too raunchy for kids.

Detractors accused Liz of exploiting Damian for financial gain, forcing her to take the image down from her website, but I have a different theory. She and Bing had a hugely bitter dispute over Damian's paternity. Since then, maybe he got a photo or two of the lad decked out in baseball gear, as so many American dads do with their sons -- and she's countering with an image of his little man in a girl's swimsuit, plastered all over the Interweb thingy and thus a permanent meme in world culture. Damian will be able to laugh it off later, like everyone does with their goofy baby pictures, but Dad will probably be good and steamed for a good long while.

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