Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Egyptians recognize a useful idiot when they see one

The Egyptians have denied Ramsey Clark access to a military trial of terrorist suspects.

CAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian military court barred former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark from observing a trial session on Sunday for 40 opposition Islamists on charges that include money-laundering and terrorism, an Islamist source said.

A source in the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's strongest opposition group, said security men had barred entry to Clark. They also barred a Jordanian lawyer sent to observe the trial for rights group Amnesty International.

Military trials in Egypt are usually held behind closed doors and attendance requires a permit from the court. Rights groups were also barred from an earlier trial session in June.

Mr. Clark is upset that the Egyptians are not presenting their throats to be slit by Islamofascists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"What would a military court have to do with this matter? Does anybody really believe that the civilian courts in Egypt are incapable of determining the rights of these men?" said Clark, who was the top U.S. attorney in the late 1960s before becoming an anti-Vietnam war activist.

"I hope and pray that Egypt will see the light and that this government will concede the error of its ways," he added.

Clark also said the defendants deserved compensation for what he described as wrongful prosecution, saying they were held "without any charges that have any substance in any law in any land that believes in freedom". The Brotherhood says the men were not involved in any wrongdoing.

Ramsey Clark is living proof that (a) Communist true believers infiltrated the highest ranks of U.S. government in past decades, and (b) today's Communist true believers see their only hope of world revolution in a death-struggle between Islamfascism and Capitalism, which they hope will weaken both sides sufficiently to allow neo-Soviet Socialism to emerge as the savior of mankind. Ramsey Clark's reference to "freedom" is nauseating, since his ultimate goal is for all human rights and freedoms to be subsumed into the "freedom" to serve the Global Socialist State.

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