Monday, July 16, 2007

He came to kill and be killed, and found mercy

Hamid Karzai showed mercy toward a boy who was sent by Pakistani Islamofascists to kill Afghans.

The first whiskers of a moustache on his top lip, Rafiqullah stood to one side of the Afghan president, his father, with a full beard, stood to the other, at a ceremony in the capital on Sunday.

Rafiqullah's father, a poor tradesman from South Waziristan in Pakistan, had sent his son to a religious school, or madrassa, to learn the Koran. Later, when he asked where his son was, the teachers there brushed him off, he said.

Then last month, the 14-year-old was caught wearing a suicide vest on a motorbike in the eastern Afghan city of Khost.

"Today we are facing a hard fact, that is a Muslim child was sent to madrassa to learn Islamic subjects, but the enemies of Afghanistan misled him towards suicide and prepared him to die and kill," Karzai told reporters, his arm on the boy's shoulder.

The fanatics who sent Rafiqullah on his mission had no mercy or pity for him. One hopes that the current crackdown on radicals in Pakistan will put an end to this barabarity.

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