Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fun in the Sun with ETA

The Spanish interior minister announced that French police helped Spain dodge a big one:

Their last big block party got kind of out of hand....

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said armed separatist group ETA had planned a deadly car bombing on either Tuesday or Wednesday with the 140 kg (300 lb) of explosives and two detonators found by French anti-terrorist police in the van.

Three suspected ETA members were arrested with the vehicle and another two were detained in Paris later....

Rubalcaba told journalists the type of explosive French police found had a very short shelf-life, meaning ETA planned to use it "immediately, probably yesterday or this morning".

Spain said on June 21 it found a car packed with explosives near tourist resorts on its southern border with Portugal. That raised fears ETA could again target coastal holiday spots during peak season as it did prior to its March 2006 ceasefire.

C'mon, guys, where's your beachwear?

It's got to be tough for the ETA murderers. Al-Qaeda is stealing all their thunder by committing terror attacks in Europe, and the IRA is making them look bad by holding to a peace deal in Northern Ireland. A good truck bomb would have been just the thing to cheer them up -- and now the French, of all people, have gone and spoiled it for them. I shed a bitter tear.

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