Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What does virginity have to do with it?

So three Palestinian sisters are murdered in Gaza, and as part of the murder investigation, apparently it was necessary to examine them gynecologically to see if they were virgins.

Three sisters murdered in Gaza on Sunday were all found to be virgins by medical examiners at Al-Shifah Hospital in Gaza City, Mona El-Shawa, director of the Women's Rights Unit at the Palestinian Center for Human Rights told The Jerusalem Post Monday.

Nahed Hija, 16, Suha Hija, 19, and Lina Hija, 22, were found buried in a shallow grave in Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip early Sunday morning, said Hamdi Shakkour of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. The girls had suffered multiple stab wounds - most notably to the face and knees.

Local rumors implicated the sisters' male cousins in the murder, leading to speculation that this was more than likely an honor killing.

I suppose if they hadn't been virgins, no one would bother to arrest the killers. But what honor is there in exterminating an entire family? (Maybe the real motive was to make sure that the girls weren't around to inherit a share of the grandparents' estate. But murder for profit gets a death sentence in Gaza, whereas honor killings are essentially ignored -- if not celebrated.)

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