Monday, July 16, 2007

Bundle up against the desert summer heat, ladies

News out of Iran regarding summer fashions.

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian police stepped up a crackdown on Monday on women ignoring strict Islamic dress codes, including sending newly trained women officers to help "guide" violators, a police official said.

Police in the Islamic Republic had said they would intensify a drive in the next few days against women whose veils do not cover their hair properly, or whose overcoats are too short.

Such crackdowns occur annually in early summer but this year's has been longer and more severe than in the recent past.

"Our (police) colleagues will give necessary notification to those who won't act within the social norms of society," Mehdi Ahmadi, head of the police information centre, told Reuters.

He said women who ignored police advice would be taken to police stations "to improve their behavior". The main effort against such violations will go ahead as announced in the Iranian month of Mordad, beginning July 23, he added.

Current weather forecast for Tehran: highs of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit all week. Perfect weather to cover up from head to toe in a black chador.

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